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welcome to Nistelrode!

There is so much to do in the area that one visit to Tiny Hotel may not be enough! We have collected our favorite hotspots for you to discover at your own pace. On this page, we’ll give you a sneak peek.

Upon arrival, you’ll find an extensive guide in your cabin with even more highlights.

greetings from Nistelrode!

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De Maashorst

A wooded nature reserve with the most beautiful heathland. Along the beautifully laid out walking and cycling paths, you will meet grazing wild bison and ex-moor ponies. Cool, isn't it?

't Pumpke

Fancy a nice cup of coffee, lunch or rather dinner? For all of these, 't Pumpke is definitely a must. Our favourite is the salmon with fries! Oh, and last but not least, the Bastogne parfait for dessert.



Nistelrode's delicatessen shop with special products from its own region. Cheese from farmer Spierings, sausage from the Maashorst pig and beer from the brewery in Ooijen (a village not far from here). Real quality with a special and local edge.

 enjoying the ourdoors

Around park: 8km

De Boshut | Schaijk | 15 min

The place to be! First, take a walk over the beautiful heath and then enjoy a nice warm coffee in this cozy forest cabin or outside by the campfire. And if you want a nice lunch, you can have that here too!

Around park: 16km

Day out Den Bosch | 25 min

Must-do's in Den Bosch? Start your day with a visit to the Noordbrabants Museum. Then enjoy strolling through the shopping streets and shop at Noe Noe, Koekwaus, and Petozzi. In between shopping, enjoy a super popular Bossche bol from Jan de Groot and end your day with a delicious dinner at Pizza Deeg or Nom Nom 073.

Around park: 4km

Alpaca Farm | Vorstenbosch | 7 min

A favorite among our guests. Walking with alpacas, picnicking among the grazing animals, or yoga with the animals in the meadow. Here, you can do it all. You can always just drop by the farm for a drink, but for an activity, you need to make a reservation in advance.

Around park: 14km

Smullen Grand Café | Boekel | 25 min

Looking for an Instagrammable spot? Then this restaurant with all its cute corners is really something for you! This restaurant/café is regularly rented out for photoshoots. That says enough, right? By the way, the food is definitely not inferior to the amazing looks of this restaurant. From burgers and bao buns to soups and bowls, there is plenty to choose from. Every dish looks like a party! So you won't just enjoy the food here, but also the interior.

Around park: 27km

Day out Nijmegen | 30 min

Must-do's in Nijmegen? Enjoy a delightful day of shopping at Housewolf, Mood Conceptstore, Wonder For Kids, and Make My Day, and end your day with a delicious dinner at Down Town or Fika Nijmegen. Not in the mood for shopping? Then visit the MuZIEum or have a good glass of wine with a curated charcuterie board at Lebowski.

Around park: 13km

Nono's Kitchen | Ravenstein | 17 min

Craving a sweet treat? Then you've come to the right place at Nono's Kitchen! Located in a beautiful house, this cake shop offers a cozy spot to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee, tea, and of course, delicious cakes! You can relax indoors or outside on the lovely terrace. What makes it even better: Many of the decorations are also available for purchase. Think vintage vases and paintings, or handmade jewelry, cards, and bags. Absolutely delightful!

Around park: 2km

De Nistel | Nistelrode | 4 min

Obvious name, right? But it fits this lovely place perfectly. De Nistel is a meeting point for young and old with some very nice facilities. You'll find a farm shop, coffee house, play forest, and adventure garden there. Here, people, animals, nature, and coffee come together. Something for everyone!

Around park: 31km

Day out Eindhoven | 15 min

Must do's in Eindhoven? Visit the Van Abbe Museum, an art museum featuring both historical and contemporary art! If street art, hotspots, and boutiques are more your thing, you must also check out the most unique part of Eindhoven: Strijp-S. Are you interested in architecture? Then stop by the Piet Hein Eek Empire, two cool industrial buildings with a great restaurant, among other things. Speaking of great restaurants, you can enjoy a delicious lunch at The Happiness Cafe in Eindhoven. End your day with cocktails at Rooftop Bar Vane! Sounds like music to your ears, right?

Around park: 7km

De Theetuin Maashorst | Schaijk | 12 min

This is a beautiful, large, green garden in Schaijk where you can enjoy drinks and snacks in cozy seating areas and among atmospheric trees. Think, for example, of a delightful high-tea. For children, there's a separate terrace, an aviary, and they can have fun on the trampoline. Sounds like a great lunch spot or pit stop, right?

Around park: 1km

| Jumbo | Nistelrode | 4 min

Supermarkt in het dorp van Nistelrode.