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Do you have a question? There’s a good chance you’ll find the answer in the FAQ at the bottom of this page. If your question isn’t there, you can always reach us through the contact-form below. Or just send us an email!

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M. info@tiny-hotel.nl

T. +31 6 40 45 31 48

A. Heibloem 11, 5388 VV Nistelrode (The Farm)

A. Nieuwe bundersteeg 17, 5388 XA Nistelrode (The Forest)


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What are the arrival and departure times?

What do we mean by 'low season' and 'high season'?

Where are the cabins located?

Zijn huisdieren toegestaan?

Is the cabin suitable for children?

Can Tiny Hotel also be booked as a shoot location?

When will I receive more information about my stay?

How can I cancel my booking?

Where can I find Tiny Hotel's terms and conditions & house rules?

What is the reason for the different prices on other websites?

What can we do in the area?

Can I park my car near the cabin?

Can I charge my electric bike or electric car at Tiny Hotel?

Are there many insects at Tiny Hotel?

Am I allowed to smoke or use a grill/pizzarette in the cabin?